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2013 Music Biz Brunches Across the NARIP Nation

Over 30 NARIP brunches in 2013 nationwide have helped connect good people to opportunities, jobs and creative collaborators.  See what has been going on in these videos!

All are welcome at our brunches. You need not be a NARIP member to attend.

Come to the next NARIP brunch to meet new friends and contacts. NARIP brunches feature 30-second introductions by all present to help you identify and get in front of the people who can make a difference to your business. It’s like professional speed-dating, and hugely effective!

Among other things, NARIP sponsors events like these to encourage networking and the fostering of business relationships in the record industry. Over 75% of all great opportunities, deals and job offers come about as a direct result of second and third party referrals – who you know matters. So get to know more people in the record biz, and let them get to know you!



“NARIP brunches have been a HUGE benefit for me and my company,” says Geodesic Management’s Dan Strader from New York. “In just a few hours at a Los Angeles brunch, I was able to establish a presence in that city and make solid connections that I still use to this day. Networking brunches have now begun in New York, and the connections we’ve made are career-changing.”










Thanks to our hosts and attendees for making 2013 NARIP Brunches great!  These include:

In Los Angeles

Universal Mastering Studios
At Entertainment Attorney Judith Dornstein’s home (Beverly Hills)
Boyfriend Academy
The Hesby
Indie Music Channel at Sunset Gower Studios
Weinglass Music
Open Mind Creations
Flying Pig Productions

In Atlanta

ZAC Recording
Red Clay Theater
COCO Studios
Silent Sound Studios

In Houston

Houston Piano Company
Media Tech
Zap Boom Bang Studios
Museum District Bistro & Lounge

In New York

Sandshifter Music
Nova27 Records

In Phoenix

80/20 Records

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