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NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions – Music Submission Instructions and Guidelines

As of January 2017, NARIP’s music submission process has been updated.

Reading these instructions is required even if you have attended sessions in the past.

We at NARIP want to make sure that you have all YOUR ducks in a row to enable the best possible chances for placement of YOUR music. Following NARIP submission directions and adhering to our deadlines helps us to help you.  And as before, your advance research of the guest supervisors and their projects goes a long way toward building trust and mutual respect, which in turn makes placements more likely.

Thank you for your cooperation!



(Attendees may submit up to 4 to 8 tracks per session)

1. BE THOROUGH: Please provide ALL track information requested in the NARIP Music Submission form.

2. TAG YOUR TRACKS: Be sure to tag MP3s properly with ALL important information including title, artist,  writer(s),  publisher(s),  master owner(s),  one-stop (yes or no?),  keywords or short song description, and most importantly, your contact details.  There are many free meta-tagging programs available online, be sure to read reviews before you download!  Here’s a great how-to article on how to tag your tracks by Sentric Music’s Simon Pursehouse: 7 Steps to Metadata Utopia

3. TEST YOUR TAGS: It is helpful to test your tagged MP3s on more than one computer to make sure that the meta data (or tags) render properly across operating systems (Mac to PC or vice versa) and across platforms (iTunes, MP3-Tag, etc.).  Send them to yourself or to a friend, make sure they open properly and that the tags render properly.  If the recipient wishes to place your music, he will need to know how to find you and where to send the check!

4. MP3s ONLY: Submit download links to MP3s ONLY using, Dropbox, etc. Other file types will not be accepted.

5. LINKS ONLY: Paste links to direct download links only. Do NOT “share” download folders from Dropbox or any other file-sharing program we would have to sign up for. This is important because we need all music to be in one place, and for NARIP staff to be able to access each track at any given time.

6. BRING BACKUP: Technology is so uncertain.  In case a file becomes corrupt or unplayable during the transfer process, it’s good for you to have back-up on a flash drive at the session.

7. SUBMIT ON TIME: Please submit by NARIP’s given deadline to ensure we have your music ready to go at the event. If you miss our deadline we cannot guarantee that your music will be available at the session (bring backup!) or that your song information will be included in the booklet we print for the guest supervisor.

8. CAN’T MAKE THE DEADLINE? If you are not able to submit MP3s before our deadline, please arrive at the event at least 20 minutes early to give your MP3s on a flash drive to NARIP staff for playback at the event. You can still fill out the online Music Submission Form with any song information that you have without providing links to the music (before the deadline) and that information will be included in the document for the supervisor the day of the session. Any sections for which you do not have  information, simply type “N/A.”

9. Enjoy your session!

Photo: 2012 NARIP London Session with High Bias Industries’ Toddrick Spalding

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