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Jens Beissel




Jens Beissel’s activities while at NARIP headquarters in Los Angeles mainly, though not exclusively, involved Marketing, Sponsoring, Customer Relations, Project Management and Technical Support. Also, he was responsible for the development and marketing of a recurring live music event – the “LAMN Jam” which still takes place on a monthly basis in Hollywood, California.

Now that he relocated back to his home country Germany, he is still affiliated with NARIP as their German Marketing Representative.

A graduate of the International Business and Management Studies program in the Netherlands, his Bachelor’s Thesis for his Bachelor’s degree in economics involved the subject of marketing music artists. Titled “Marketing Recording Artists in the United States”, the thesis covers important and effective methods for bands to market themselves, as well as strategies for securing an American recording contract.

Jens Beissel pursues a managerial career within the music industry and is currently in negotiations with potential employers.